Visiting every city via an app!

I had the privilege to go to NYC a few weeks ago, and being there triggered an old idea I had forgotten about. In my opinion there’s no better way to experience a city than to just wander down the streets. New York has probably the most famous streets in the world though, but what are the streets of Singapore, Helsinki or Cancún like?

In search for your next travel destination you would probably look up pictures on Google and social media, read travel blogs or ask your friends and relatives. Just like everyone else does. But those pictures are all so static and the stories of others are so personal you can’t get the feeling whether you would like it as much as they did.

My idea is to set up an app to live stream the view from a cab in the city of your choice. From all over the world you can log 20 into a cab which is connected to the app and follow its route real time. It’s like a live version of the Google Streetview. For as long as you want you can feel like a tourist at your next travel location – or a citizen in Знакомо? your favorite city. You get to see what’s it like out there, experience a bit of the atmosphere and you’ll find Clean out fast enough whether it will be worth your visit.

Perfect for a collab with Uber right? What do you guys think?

<”h6″ class="”font-134980″ ”h1″ ”fontheight-357766″ font-weight-”300″" >Collabing with UBER, wouldn’t that be great!